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Cyber Insurance and why you need it!

No one likes seeing a chunk of their hard-earned income disappear at the end or start of every month to something many only see as a fear-peddled waste - insurance. But whether you like or dislike insurance, support it or don’t, every human on the planet likes theft,...

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What is a SIM Swap Scam?

In June of this year (2018) an 85-year-old South African pensioner had R300 000 - roughly USD $20 000, stolen from his bank account in a SIM swap scam. A SIM swap scam? SIM Swap fraud (also known as SIM splitting) is a type of account takeover fraud that generally...

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11 Simple Ways to a Digital Declutter

Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted precious time because of the mess, the chaos? It's time for a Digital Declutter - pick up, sort, and pack away. I'm sure almost all of us have lost something, or not noticed when something has gone permanently missing because your...

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Destruction and disposal of sensitive data

Nothing short of grinding your physically-stored data into granola dust for scrap-yard-hungry robots will do. Only physical drive destruction will offer definitive disposal of sensitive data for those unwanted, damaged or dated devices. Data destruction is the process...

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Business Email Compromise – BEC Scams

BEC Scams, the low-down: Would you knowingly transfer money from your company to a criminal or criminal group... Of course not, right? Well I’m sure the majority - if not all of you - said no. While this may be true, would it surprise you to discover that according to...

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Cloud Security | Securing your valuable data

Cloud Security? How does one secure a cloud? With all the jargon, threats and ever-changing technology, securely tying down your digital assets may appear to be almost as impossible as trying to secure the real thing… I mean an actual cloud that floats in the sky,...

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