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11 Simple Ways to a Digital Declutter

Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted precious time because of the mess, the chaos? It's time for a Digital Declutter - pick up, sort, and pack away. I'm sure almost all of us have lost something, or not noticed when something has gone permanently missing because your...

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Destruction and disposal of sensitive data

Nothing short of grinding your physically-stored data into granola dust for scrap-yard-hungry robots will do. Only physical drive destruction will offer definitive disposal of sensitive data for those unwanted, damaged or dated devices. Data destruction is the process...

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Business Email Compromise – BEC Scams

BEC Scams, the low-down: Would you knowingly transfer money from your company to a criminal or criminal group... Of course not, right? Well I’m sure the majority - if not all of you - said no. While this may be true, would it surprise you to discover that according to...

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Cloud Security | Securing your valuable data

Cloud Security? How does one secure a cloud? With all the jargon, threats and ever-changing technology, securely tying down your digital assets may appear to be almost as impossible as trying to secure the real thing… I mean an actual cloud that floats in the sky,...

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Phishing Your Own Pond

Phishing is the technique of using deceit to trick users into voluntarily providing credentials or accessing malicious files or websites, often via email. Phishing can be an automated process via spam emails, but businesses of all sizes are also at risk of ‘spear...

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Kids & Tech: Parenting in the Digital Age

Kids & Tech it's all screens, keys and device-driven “entertainment" If you were born before 1982, chances are you remember growing up playing Monopoly on weekends, ball games in the garden after school with a neighbour and riding your bike whenever you could. If you...

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