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Online Gaming and Cybercrime

When it comes to games - especially online gaming, it’s one thing to play, but it’s altogether something else to be played. Three interesting facts about the global online gaming industry... The global online gaming market was worth close to $134.9 billion US dollars...

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Blockchain Security Benefits

In building, a wall made of 500 connected, overlapping small concrete blocks with steel is stronger than a wall made of one, large concrete “block” without steel. If you wanted to keep a single letter, one “block” of information or an individual document of private...

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A brief history of computer viruses

We all know the feeling; a sore throat, sneezing, congestion, a cough, a runny nose…oh no, the dreaded cold virus! No human is immune. Likewise, no computer is immune. How it happens, how it works and how we treat it remain mostly the same for human and computer....

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Keeping your small business cyber safe

Starting a business is never easy. One could argue that it’s exponentially more difficult to start and maintain a business today, tomorrow or any day in the future. And if getting a business going in today’s competitive and ever-increasingly saturated world wasn’t...

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