GoldPhish not only help our customers reduce their cyber risk – we also help yours! Our reseller programme adds value to our partners’ offerings with our cyber security awareness training platform and Security Assessment Survey (SAS)

Why Partner with GoldPhish?

Everyday, businesses are facing the increasing threat of cyber security breaches

Phishing, ransomware, data breaches and malware attacks result in millions of dollars in losses – and can also seriously damaged reputations. In order to cope with this ever increasing risk, businesses need to establish and implement a framework of basic cyber security controls. This includes educating executives and end-users in order to change behaviors and build a lasting secure culture in the workplace.

At GoldPhish, we understand that not every Managed Service Provider (MSP) has all of the skills and tools required to successfully provide these solutions for their clients.

We believe in developing close partnerships with companies that want to add value by reselling, recommending or integrating our cyber security learning platform and Security Assessment Survey (SAS) as part of their own Managed Security Solutions portfolio.

An effective cyber security awareness training programme can help your clients and their vendors establish the necessary security controls to minimise the risk to business.

Key Benefits of Cyber Exchange

  • Deliver highly interactive and engaging training to your customer base
  • Deliver quality web-based cyber security assessments to your customer base
  • Build a managed security services revenue stream with no business overhead
  • Incorporate cyber security awareness training and cyber security assessments into your solution value ecosystem
  • Start small & grow with us, either strategically or as each opportunity presents itself
  • CybACADEMY and SAS platform registration, maintenance, hosting and updates fully managed by GoldPhish.


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