GoldPhish produces leading cyber risk solutions that help build more secure organisations. Through web-based education and consulting we empower local and international organisations to better understand, assess and manage the cyber risk to their business.


To be the leading provider of solutions that simplify cyber risk management for organisations worldwide.

At GoldPhish we seek to improve your understanding of the cyber threat and the potential implications arising from this threat.
We help you identify vulnerable assets within your business and advise you in protecting those assets using language you understand.

Our consulting teams combine technical and non-technical staff to ensure your business is communicating with the right person at the right time.


GoldPhish is a unique blend of UK and South African Security and IT professionals with CV’s spanning across the UK Military, Oil and Gas, Maritime,  Financial Services and Telecommunications sectors.

Our teams have worked with multiple high risk industries and international government agencies. We have built world-class training, education and communication programmes; consulted and advised on implementing layered security and led in crisis management situations.

All of our staff hold academic and international industry recognised qualifications in the fields of cyber security and risk management – we host and speak at industry events to ensure you receive the most current and credible professionals.


GoldPhish, South Africa

GoldPhish, United Kingdom


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